Please complete this form to apply for electric service. Service requests are processed during normal business hours (8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday). If you have not been contacted by a representative within one business day of submission, or if you have any questions regarding service, please contact our office at (903) 846-2311.

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In addition to the connection fee, each applicant may be required to pay an application fee and/or a deposit. Click Here for information on how you can waive the deposit by participating in our Prepay Billing Program. If an application fee has been paid within the last 12 months, another will not be required. A staking fee will also be required for all applicants requesting new construction. When your account is created in our system, you will receive and email including the total amount due on your new account. See (Member Policy 11 Fee Schedule) (Member Policy 10 Deposit).

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